What is SwachhCoin?
SwachhCoin aims to develop a broad platform to transform waste to energy. It will combine conventional waste management energy generation processes and modern techniques, enabling them to increase their efficiency by using coming of age technologies.
What is the utility of Swachh Tokens(or SwachhCoin Tokens) ?
Swachh Tokens will provide the owner many benefits, like but not limited to buying outputs of SwachhCoin Organisation. Additionally Swachh Tokens can also be used as payment method.
How do I buy Swachh Tokens?
You can buy Swachh Tokens by taking part in our ICO. Swachh Tokens can also be bought from exchanges after the the end of ICO at prices determined by market condition from various exchanges.
How/Where will I receive swachhcoin? How long it will take until I receive Swachh Tokens in my wallet?
You will receive an email from us within 4 days with instructions on how to receive your Swachh tokens. You need to have an ERC20 compatible wallet like Mist, Metamask, MyEtherWallet etc .
How/where can I find the latest updates/announcements related to swachhcoin?
You can follow latest announcements by joining us on telegram, slack, and also on various other social media platforms like facebook, twitter, medium, reddit etc. Alternatively, you can receive latest updates via email by signing up for our newsletter.
Where can I get live assistance for my queries?
You can instantly have all your queries resolved by joining our telegram group. We have active team members who can resolve your swachhcoin specific queries and there are also other community users who are more than equipped to answer any general problem.
How to participate in the token sale?
You can take part in our token sale by sending your contribution in any of the accepted currencies to their respective address mentioned on the website at the time of token sale after which, tokens will be sent to the contributors as per distribution policy.
What are the names of wallets compatible with Swachhcoin?
Anyone can send/receive Swachh tokens to and from any ERC20 compatible wallets. There are many wallets available in the market. We recommend MyEtherWallet, Metamask and Mist.