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Swachhcoin Pre-Sale Registration form


  1. Send your contributions to the respective addresses of the accepted currencies you wish.
  2. Remember to submit your transaction ID and ERC20 wallet address.
  3. In case of any disputes, send an email to [email protected]
  4. Tokens will be distributed within 7 days of the end of ICO.
Please Note: Any XRP (Ripple) deposits without the tag will be lost. Please make sure to copy the tag as well when you copy the address to make a deposit. The tag is available in the XRP section

Calculate the amount of SCX you will recieve

Please enter any amount above and choose a currency to see how many SCX you will get in return

Accepted Currencies:

1 BTC = 190476.19 SCX
Minimum purchase : 0.025 BTC

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1 ETH = 15873.02 SCX
Minimum purchase : 0.25 ETH

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1 BCH = 25396.83 SCX
Minimum purchase : 0.15 BCH

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1 XMR = 3915.34 SCX
Minimum purchase : 1 XMR

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1 XRP = 15.87 SCX
Minimum purchase : 250 XRP
Tag: 794976695

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1 LTC = 3068.78 SCX
Minimum purchase : 1 LTC

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1 NEO = 1375.66 SCX
Minimum purchase : 3 NEO

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1 BNB = 359.79 SCX
Minimum purchase : 10 BNB

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1 KCS = 78.31 SCX
Minimum purchase : 50 KCS

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1 DASH = 8042.33 SCX
Minimum purchase : 0.5 DASH

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Once you have made a payment, you can fill this form here with the relevant details to recieve your SCX tokens

By clicking submit, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you haven't gone through the T&Cs;, go to swachhcoin.com to read them

Please Read the instructions and T&Cs; carefully before filling this form

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