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Please read the details very carefully before Proceeding ahead in the program

How Does It Work?
    The Process Is Very Simple:

  1. First of all, you will have to register with us as ‘Affiliate Network Investor’ by providing us the required communication information.

  2. When you want to refer us investors in order to claim your referral bonus, you can simply instruct them to Join the Swachhcoin Reserve Token Sale as ‘Individual Contributor’ and complete the contribution process.

  3. For every contribution, you’ll receive applicable % of that ETH/BTC or any deposited currency (LTC/NEO/BNB etc) amount in Swachh Tokens.

  4. For example, if a user puts your Email Address or Telegram Username under Referred By and sends us 80 ETH, you will receive Swachh Tokens Equivalent to 40 ETH (50% Bonus)

  5. ICO referral commissions will be paid out instantly as soon as we receive the investments from your referrals.

    We offer the following bonus scheme in accordance to the amount of contribution made through referral.

  1. 1-25 ETH : 30% Bonus of Total Amount
  2. 26-50 ETH : 35% Bonus of Total Amount
  3. 51-60 ETH : 40% Bonus of Total Amount
  4. 61-75 ETH : 45% Bonus of Total Amount
  5. 76-100 ETH : 50% Bonus of Total Amount
  6. 101 ETH and Above : 75% Bonus of the Total Amount

IMPORTANT: If someone Referred by you brings more investor through his OWN referral, then you will also receive 50% (HALF) of the Total Bonus received by the person whom YOU referred to us. This will be done by us automatically without your claim since we have the record of all the referrals.
This is not an MLM since you will only receive bonus upto the second layer.

If you have any questions, or wish to apply, please email us at – info@swachhcoin.com
Swachhcoin Team

In case you wish to participate, please share your contact information so that we can take this further.

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